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Pre-cut music is here 

($7.50 per track - funds will go toward cost of club ice)

Music - please read carefully.

Music MUST be submitted ahead of time to give coaches a fair chance to create the program in advance of the workshop

BASIC SKILLS SKATERS: These are your choices

1) If you already have music cut that you like, you may keep it, but please check with Sara to see that it is the right length for your level.

2) Choose from a list of pre-cuts. Please listen here and email Sara with your choice BEFORE 11:59pm Sat 7th Nov.

3) Return to the Choreography Workshop page to follow the instructions below to upload music that you would like for your new program, and it will be cut and sent to coaches.

NOTE: If you don't choose one of the three options above, coaches will choose music for you, and your program will be set accordingly.

When you choose your track, please make your donation to the club at the same time. Tracks will be reserved for your skater on receipt of your donation.

You can use a PayPal account if you have one. if not, any debit or credit card will be securely accepted.

problems using the upload or payment system?​ Email or call and let us know

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