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What's the cost for an IceCutMusic edit?
Fair pricing



Skaters up to 13 years old skating solo programs of

1:30 mins or under. 


Skaters of any and all ages with solo, synchro or pattern dance programs of 2:30 mins or under.


Any solo or synchro program of 2:31 mins or above.​

Most cuts will fall under the basic price list above, but when skaters need something much more complex, that's fine too. Please call to discuss.

When (and why) does pricing change?

Sometimes a skater sends a track we all love - something beautifully written and recorded that that almost cuts itself. It has a great intro, nice build and a proper finish that can be used in the final cut. But editing music is not always so straightforward.


As with all professional skills, time equals money. Think of it like this:  you pay your coach by the actual time it takes to teach you a skill or a program, not a flat fee per skill. Now while it would be great if they could charge $1000 for a triple axel, what if they end up spending 100 ice hours with you on that one jump?


Same with music cuts. We can generalize that a 1:30 min cut will cost $45, but what if you send us 8 must-have tracks that you want blending into one final track? What if you are asking for Bohemian Rhapsody to be condensed to 1 minute? 

Here are the things that will take extra time:


  • Good cuts usually include a beginning, and middle and an end.  When the track(s) you send don't have pieces we can use for beginnings and ends sometimes we have to re-build a section of the song/piece to create the intros and outros that you need for your performance. 

  • Key changes are marvelous. They add lift, texture, build and we love them.  Once key change in a track is almost always doable.  
    However music that includes several key changes (think Disney music, film music, classical music...) means we have to find a way to flow through every change, incorporating them into the track as we create it (otherwise it can be almost impossible to use the written ending.) This can increase the time spent on your cut.

  • Manipulation of specific musical features to match moves in your program. Sometimes you you may want a feature timed to a specific place in your performance. Sometimes we find the features  that will give your coach a point of choreography for you.

  • Tempo/mood changes are loved by many judges - they often help build the emotion or intensity of your program. They can be a little tough to handle and sometimes require software and musical skills to meld them smoothly. 

Basically, there are many ways to musically enhance your skating performance, which in turn can raise your points score, and help you become the winner you want to be.


Skimping on your music may be false economy

Did you know, a pro cut from IceCutMusic is probably the least expensive facet of your skating life?

Do you know how much you spend on boots, blades, dresses, lessons, club fees, travel and hotels, competition fees, choreography, and ice time per year.  Grit your teeth and tot up last year's expenditure, then tell yourself that you are going to underpin that investment with a sketchy DIY cut, remembering that when you skate out before the judges, it's just you, your skills and your music. That's all they have to judge your performance.  


Check out our FAIR prices and calculate how many Starbucks you'd need to forgo to have sparkling, special music that inspires and lifts you?



If your job requires musical scoring and time in the studio recording with live musicians, depending on the size and scope of the project we will let you know if its something we can help with and if not, we will put you in touch with a bigger editing studio than

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