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Do I need really need a 'pro' music cut?  
Can it really make that much difference?

Rule #1: Never let a judge wince at your cut

Even if you or your coach can't hear the blips in cuts, your judges sure will and you don't want to risk losing their attention unnecessarily?  


Sadly, free music-cutting apps don't include a pair of pro musician's ears and musical experience.


If you don't understand why your beats/measures, or pitch/keys are not precise & true, how do you meld tracks seamlessly or fix the bumpy lurches.? 


Then there are the harsh arena acoustics and tinny sound systems (you know, the ones that are suited  for hockey games) to contend with - and fixing your sound can take software know-how.

Rule #2: Great music elevates your performance

Great music tells a story, or takes you on an emotional journey; it ebbs and flows; it builds and climaxes, it changes key, or tempo - your music can support your performance from your first move to your last... if you let it!


A pro music editor can find you the best musical features to match moves, sometimes using key or tempo changes to help build the emotion or intensity of your program, which enhances your performance and can help you raise your points score.


And lets be honest - if you didn't need great music you would only compete or test in Compulsory Moves, right?
Rule #3: Skimping on your music is false economy

Did you know, a pro cut from IceCutMusic is probably the least expensive facet of your skating life?

Have you ever calculated how much you spend on boots, blades, dresses, lessons, club fees, travel and hotels, competition fees, choreography, and ice time over the course of a year?


Go on, grit your teeth and tot up last year's expenditure, then decide if you are going to underpin all that with a sketchy DIY cut! Remember - when you skate out before the judges, it's just you, your skills and your music. That's all they have to judge your performance.  

Rule #4: Everything is easier with a pro in your court

In music editing we usually work with two types of skaters (and we love them both!) 


1)   Skaters who already know how their cut could sound - which song, which artist, which chorus, which middle 8, which bridge and exactly where you plan to end your performance.  
If this is you, GREAT! Explain what you you want and we will get it done.
2)   Skaters who have no clue where to start, or whose personal musical taste won't cut it in the competition/testing arena, or who don't know an Irish Jig from a Symphonietta.  
If that's you, GREAT! Lets talk, send a vid of you skating; show your personality and style, and let's get you going with music that lights you up. . . and also lights up your performance.

Check out our FAIR PRICES, calculate how many Starbucks you'd need to forgo to have sparkling, special music that inspires and lifts you, then email here

( PS.   Rule #5 - your competitors are probably already our clients! )

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