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Upload your tracks & contact to discuss

What to do:

1.   Upload your track below.
       If you have more than one please upload one at a time and be sure they are labeled with your name, program and level.


2.   If you have any notes, ideas, requirements, jot them in the 'your thoughts' box along with your name and PHONE NUMBER.

       If you don't email us your contact information we have no way of connecting your music with your payment. 

3.   Pay according to required length using the buttons below
      (note: this is cut length, not original length)


Skaters up to 13 years old skating solo programs of

1:30 mins or under. 


Skaters of all ages with solo, synchro or pattern dance programs of 2:30 mins or under.​


Any solo or synchro program of 2:31 mins or above.​

problems using the upload or payment system?​ Email or call and let us know

Tel: 406-850-3747

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