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CFSC Choreography Workshop, JAN 17th, 2021

The preparation starts now!
The highlight of each skating season at CFSC is our USFSA-sanctioned testing and competition weekend which gives skaters a series of skill goals to work towards, and a chance to pit their moves against skaters from the surrounding states. Everyone has a great time and ALL our skaters of every age and ability are welcome to enter.

On Sunday JAN 17th, 2021  the club is offering a workshop with visiting coaches so your skater can get a specially choreographed FREE-SKATE program for 2021. Every skater needs a private lesson, and will receive a written and diagramatic layout of their personal program to work with after the workshop.


CFSC has limited private coaching time, so PLEASE take advantage of this opportunity for your skater!  As you know, our coaches travel a good distance weekly to work with our kids, so the club doesn't often have an opportunity like this.

Getting programs done now is a huge advantage for our skaters, giving them time to practice and perfect their routines before the competition in March when they will skate against kids from all the surrounding states, and negates the usual last-minute scramble for programs as the competition gets near, which is always tough on the kids!


Please note that this is also a remarkably cheap opportunity. Each skater will pay for their private lesson at the usual rate of 1$ per minute. Thats all! :)



1.     Request your time slot.

NOTE: All available time slots must be pre-booked. This is a one-off opportunity and the CFSC will NOT be able to provide this workshop again this year. 

Basic skaters will get a 20 minute lesson slot, and will work on their Basic Freeskate Program with Music.

Freestyle and above skaters ONLY will have a 30 minute slot.  


There are 3 sessions available. 10:30-12,  or 12:15-1:45, and your regular club time
Please indicate which of the sessions you are available to attend in order of preference (1,2 and 3), and indicate any you are unable to make with an 'x'.
Bear in mind that those with the most flexibility stand the best chance of getting this limited coaching time.  Email here


The Upper Advanced group (those who stay til 6pm) can choose from Freeskate, Light Entertainment or Dramatic. 
ONE LESSON PER SKATER ONLY PLEASE, then if there are additional slots available once everyone has had chance to book, we will let you know.

2.     Music - please read carefully.


BASIC SKILLS AND FREE-SKATE program skaters will have music specially chosen for them by the visiting coach. 
    Basic Skills $15          (1:10 mins max)
    Free-Skate $22.50    (1:40 mins max)

(This is a special price for Cody FSC skaters only. Payment link below)


ADVANCED SKATERS: These are your choices

        a) If you like your current routine and music, you can keep it. BUT if you passed a test in the recent session, your music length time may have changed.            PLEASE Don't be caught out on this! You can keep your current program and have it adapted for your new level with different music length.
        Check here with Sara

        b) If you know what you want to skate to, follow the instructions below to upload music for your new program, and it will be cut and sent to coaches.

        c) If you don't have a clue what to skate to, hit up Sara to get ideas and advice. 


1)   Upload your track below. If you have more than one please upload one at a time and be sure they are labeled.
Please don't send a link to the track - I need the actual file. If you go to your main music folder on your computer, you can enter the title of the song in the search box (usually top left of the screen). Right click it and hit 'show in folder'. Then you can see which folder it's in, or copy it to another folder where you can easily find it. Note, you can't do this on a phone - has to be a computer.


2.   If you have any notes, ideas, requirements, jot them in the 'your thoughts' box and do remember to include your name and PHONE NUMBER.

If you don't email your contact information there is no way of connecting you with your payment or knowing whose track is whose.

3.   Pay according to the group you are in using the buttons below

Cody Figure Skaters only

Snowplow to Basic-6 Programs  $15

Skaters up to 18 years old skating solo

programs of 1:40 mins or under. 

​Advanced Group Programs $22.50

Skaters of all ages with solo, synchro or

pattern dance programs of 2:30 mins or under.​

Snowplow to Basic-6 Programs 

These Pre-cut tracks are just $7.50,  with all proceeds donated to CFSC for ice costs.

Pre-Cut Music

List here

problems using the upload or payment system?​ Email or call and let us know

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