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Convenience for coaches

Clearly coaches should have control over what happens in a skater's cut, and when.

But routinely, brilliant skating coaches will concede . . . "I know how I want it to sound, but I only know enough about cutting to know when it's wrong, and I can't always put it right."  

So IceCutsMusic Service for coaches is different to IceCutsMusic Serivce for Skaters

OPTION 1 - The Clean Up


1)    Send the 'final' file of your cut.

2)    Send the files you used to mix it and time-stamped notes about what you cut and where.

3)    Sit back, relax and wait a couple of days to get your file returned to you with blips eradicated, key and tempo problems gone,  jumps and glitches disappeared - you will receive a beautifully smooth version of exactly what you want your skater to work with. 

OPTION 2 - The Whole 9 Yards

a)    Send the song/track/piece(s) you want to use

b)    Send  notes about what you want and where (eg. when Celine Dion sings that long 'top F' my skater is going to be spinning for 5 seconds so the top F needs shortening to 5 seconds! or 'during the 1812 Overture my skater is going to land a series of three jumps - one on each cymbal crash, so I need the fourth cymbal crash taken out.

c)    Sit back, relax and wait a couple of days to get the track your skater needs. Listen it through  knowing you can up to three alterations alterations if it doesn't work out exactly as you imagine. 

Call to discuss. Our 'clean-up' service is ridiculously cheap, and The Whole 9 Yards coach service is extremely fair.

Coaches-only bonus

Buy a 'cutting card'. Like coffee cards, but for cutting)

For every 6 tracks you, or your students, order you get the 7th FREE!

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